How to clean sality virus

If the folders on your computer has the extension .exe . com or . scr it is likely that your computer has infected sality virus, the virus is duplicating the folder so it will greatly disturb the performance of your computer, besides it also attacks the files with .exe

And unfortunately all of master applications that exist in the drive, including antivirus unworkable. When you'll do the scanning online via the internet, every website provider of free online antivirus scanning is also not accessible. So how do we remove the virus sality with this troublesome?

Sality virus will spread quickly through a network share by using the default Windows or shared folder that has full access in a way to infect files that have the extension exe / com / scr.

To that end, security company Vaksincom suggested computer users to disable the default share (C $, D $ .. etc) and avoid a full sharing your folders on the network.

Here's a short way to clean viruses from the cited W32/Sality.AE Vaksincom:
1. Disconnect the computer that will be cleared from the network and the Internet.

2. Turn off System Restore during the cleaning process lasts.

3. Turn off the Autorun and Default Share. Please download the following files and then run the following manner: repair.inf then right click to install.

4. Turn off the active application program in memory so that the cleaning process faster, especially programs that exist in the startup list.

5. We recommend using removal tools scan by first changing the extension of the removal tools with other extensions [example: CMD] to avoid re-infection by W32/Sality.AE.

6. In order for the computer that is infected W32/Sality.AE can boot safe mode, please restore your registry that has been modified by a virus.

Please download the following files and then run the appropriate OS is infected W32/Sality.AE.

7. Fix another registry altered by a virus, please download the following tools and then run the file by right click then install repair.inf

8. Restart the computer and scan again using removal tools to ensure your computer is clean of viruses.

9. For optimal cleaning and prevent re-infection should install and scan with antivirus that can detect Sality well.
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